We consider that any place is interesting. We doubt about the real opportunity to choose certain fields. It doe not depend on us. We think that, from a responsible perspective, the higher number of professional should be convoked. There is a shortage of the so needed competitions of ideas.

The common definitions do not work n these places between different phases. What is nature and what is construction? Within them, architecture is not only the built up, new forms of relation appear. That is what makes these territories so attractive.



The city has denied itself to the sea and the bay. The port is not an extension of the city toward the sea but a border for it. The growth has been terrestrial; it has grown like an interior city although it lacks earth and has an excess of water and air. We bet for the maritime vocation of the city. The remodelling of the port should not only be considered like a mutation, but like a natural, biological enlargement of the bay through the sea, going across its air, breathing it. The set of cities around the bay will potentially increase its expectations thanks to that union, in contrast to he current disperse and fragmentary situation that dilutes those cities, or tries to keep them up artificially with the insertion of houses, applied like the grafts of an android.

We make the emptiness in the bay ours. We consider the city-port-bay like a delicate ecosystem where our intervention must proceed from a temporary, complementary, variable and diverse point of view. A supporting structure must make available the great area of opportunities pertaining to the citizens of Cadiz. We must overcome the rigid, zonal and dense outlines as well as the conventional urban management.